random shuffling

From: glowfire (victoriamlv_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 02/19/05

Date: 19 Feb 2005 01:30:59 -0800

Please, somebody help me with this program!

We have a deck of 52 cards and we shuffle the deck by choosing a
random card out of the deck placing it back in the deck at some random
place. Repeat it 500 times and then consider the deck shuffled. Choose
a hand of 5 cards from the top of the deck. Count the number of hands
which have three-of-a-kind but don't count hands which have
four-of-a-kind. Continue to draw new hands until the deck either needs
reshuffling or until 100 hands have been drawn. Output on one screen
the 100 handswith those having exactly three-of-a-kind. Output also
the total amount of three-of-a-kind hands.

Please I'm really confused. I know that I have to use functions and
the 52 cards are actually an array of 52 elements. But I don't know
how to do the shuffling drawind, the output of the 100 hands and
finally counting the hands wyh exactlu 3-of-a-kind. I can't figure out
a method for testing a hand for exactly 3-of-a-kind. Please help.
Thank you!