Plotting a pixel in fujitu cobol

From: Peter M (
Date: 09/09/04

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 10:22:43 -0400

I am new to the group. I have a question about image bitmap in fujitsu
cobol student addition. In Futijsu powerCobol if you make a image as an
object and identify it as a resource I assume it loads into memory of
the exe program. Correct? If so how do you aquire that area of memory
as a variable array in the program and write to it? What I am seeking
to acomplish is to plot a pixel on the screen for graphics purposes. I
understand COBOL but not C++ . Am I wasting my time trying to do this
in COBOL or should I learn C++ and make my own plot command for the
COBOL program. I know the image is in memory and Know COBOL. Can it
be done?

What I know is I have an ADDR function to find the address but doesn't
seem to write to memory with MOVE statement. I wish to aquire the
bitmap as an array something like:

     05 LINE OCCURS 1024 TIMES.
             10 ROW OCCURS 768 TIMES.
                        15 COLORBYTE PIC (? COMP-5.

Any information would be helpful ?Thank You.


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