Re: Cobol Editor For Windows

From: Robert Wagner (
Date: 09/09/04

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 15:34:42 GMT

On Thu, 09 Sep 2004 06:07:35 -0400, Joe Zitzelberger
<> wrote:

>With all of the talk about editors lately, I was wondering who has
>really nice stand-alone Cobol editors. Is there something for Windows
>that offers Cobol syntax highlighting, ftp open/save, copybook
>awareness, etc that makes editing Cobol source a pleasure?
>I sometimes use StarBases CodeWright instead of ISPF Edit. Both are
>fine, but not great.
>Anyone have some great editor suggestions?

Ultra Edit has FTP, global search, hex editing, can edit files >1G in
size. It comes configured with syntax highlighting for other languages
but not Cobol. With a little work, you could probably make it
understand Cobol (then post the config file here). It was named best
editor for 2004 by PC Magazine.

It is now commercial ($35, free trial). The freeware version can still
be found on the Web.

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