Re: Cobol Editor For Windows

From: Jussi Jumppanen (
Date: 09/09/04

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 03:53:23 +1000

Joe Zitzelberger wrote:

> With all of the talk about editors lately, I was wondering who
> has really nice stand-alone Cobol editors.

Take a look at the Zeus for Windows programmers editor:

> Is there something for Windows that offers Cobol syntax
> highlighting,

Zeus offers Cobol syntax highlighting.

Zeus also has a class browser built around Exuberant Ctags, and
as this tagger has support for Cobol, this should mean the class
browser and intellisensing should work with Cobol.

To test this you need to create a workspace and add the source
files to the Zeus workspace.

> ftp open/save,

Zeus has FTP with support for UNIX, MVS, VM an Windows FTP severs.

Zeus also has SFTP supporting the SSH, SSL/TLS secure FTP protocols.

> copybook awareness, etc that makes editing Cobol source a pleasure?

Not being a Cobol developer I am not sure what this means.

> I sometimes use StarBases CodeWright instead of ISPF Edit. Both are
> fine, but not great.

If run into any problems with Zeus feel free to post a comment on
the Zeus forum:

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