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Date: 11/14/04

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 23:28:16 -0600

Pete Dashwood wrote:
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>>Are the Hobbits still there? ;)
> Absolutely. "Hobbiton" (where the Shire was filmed) is around 30 minutes
> drive from where I'm writing this.(It is called the Waikato Valley, the
> township was "Matamata" (although I believe there are moves afoot to
> officially rename it "Hobbiton"). You can go and see Bag End, and it is well
> worth a visit.

Hmm... Interesting.

>>That above sentiment is what irks me about some folks - all we hear
>>about is how "democracy" is so great - it's your choice - etc. (The USA
>>is a republic which happens to democratically elect its representatives
>>- but we've been through that in here before.) Well, the "democracy"
>>they so cherish has spoken, and spoken quite soundly, and now people are
>>heading for the hills.
>>Ah well - I guess, if they feel that way, our republic is better off
>>without 'em.
> Hey hold on a minute!!!! What about OUR republic?!!!<G>

Feel free to vote the same way we did... :)

> There was an interview on TV here with a Gay American who emigrated two
> years ago (well before the Bush -Kerry contest) with his partner, because
> same-sex marriage was illegal in the state they lived in. They got "married"
> in Wellington.
> I couldn't help feeling some sympathy for their point of view. Why we can't
> we just live and let live? (Well, here we do... but it would be really cool
> if the world could do it too...). That is not to say we are paradise or have
> no problems. But we are working on them and we try to do it fairly.

One of the favorite arguments of the gay marriage lobby is that it's not
they who are urinating on the institution of marriage, it's the 50%
divorce rate, and celebrities (Britney Spears or Nicky Hilton, anyone?).
  They also say they can't will things to their "partner", which is
absolute bunk - I could will my effects to a stranger, make another one
the beneficiary of my insurance policy...

Although marriage is, in some ways, a civil ceremony, it was also
started way back when by you-know-Who - and He created Adam and Eve, not
Adam and Steve. :)

> Actually, Daniel, I completely agree with your sentiment regarding
> democracy.
> There was a time when "democracy" meant the majority ruled. (With due regard
> and respect for the minority).

But that's just it - there's no incentive to respect the minority. It's
mob rule.

> If you lost the election (and felt passionate
> about losing) you set about changing minds by debate and reasoned, unheated,
> persuasion so that you (hopefully) didn't lose next time. If you eventually
> came to the conclusion that the population at large were NEVER going to
> agree with your viewpoint, you had to consider either changing it or finding
> somewhere a bit more liberal to live (I think that's what the Gays are
> doing...)

The first part is what I try to do with my blog (which, I guess, at
least one person here reads occasionally... :> ) - educate. And that,
I think, is the biggest failure of Bush's first term. Never in my
memory has there been such a stark difference between candidates, and it
was still close! Had the President used his position to educate the
American people on exactly why it is he does some of the things he does,
I think the election would have been a lot less close.

> This concept seems to have been lost on many people today. If they lose,
> they decide (as a minority) to bomb and terrorise the majority into
> submission. The idea is to destroy democracy because it didn't go their way,
> and they have more chance of achieving their goals if there is anarchy.
> Leaving the country, when viewed against this alternative, is a much more
> civilized course of action.

Yes, I suppose. Like I said, it might be for the better anyway.

> (I just would hate to think of everyone here wearing pink and lavender...<G>
> It is a very green place...)

Maybe they just want to travel there to be "happy". ;)

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