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>>>Thus words are symbols that allow us to share perception and 'create'
>>>reality. The danger is that the "word authority" (Dictionaries) become an
>>>end in themselves and become the dog instead of the tail (maybe that's
>>>'dogma' comes from :-)) The tail does not wag the dog.
>> The arguments of 'proscriptive versus descriptive' aside... the tail does
>> not wag the dog? Is that an absolute fact, now? In terms of Einsteinian
>> motion everything is relative, you know...
>Funny you should say that, Doc...
>Exactly that thought occurred to me when I wrote it... :-)

Oh good... some say that self-awareness and acknowledgment are a first

>For the purpose of this discussion, I let it stand...:-) (I think it is fair
>to assume that the consciousness resides in the dog and not in its tail, so
>the the dog's frame of reference is the important one here.)

I think it is fair to assume as little as possible, since assumptions can
lead to agreement and thence to facts (or so some say)... and who wants
too many of those cluttering up the landscape?



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