Re: COBOL FAQ *moved*

Thanks Richard.

I only looked at the "plug-ins" on the Firefox web site. Didn't realize
there are extensions.

I didn't see a Firefox plug-in for IE compatibility. I heard there was such
a facility for Netscape 8.

I know they share a common engine (Mozilla) but believe there may be version

Your post seems to equate Firefox with Netscape 8. Or am I misunderstanding?



"Richard" <riplin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> It is supposed to have an 'IE compatibility'
> There are dozens of extensions for Firefox, one of which is 'view in IE
> mode'.
> The ones that I have installed include Adblock (there is an Adblock
> plus that I should get), FlashBlock, Anidisable, Objection, ImageZoom
> and SpellBound.


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