Re: Problem RUNing 1997 GNT

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>>I loaded net express 3.1, hoping to be able to run a set of .INT's and
>>.GNT's that were compiled in 1997. The statement RUN ABC123.GNT gives an
>>error saying it cannot load ABC123.GNT.DLL. I cannot find run time
>>switches in the 3.1 help system. Do I need to load an even earlier
>>version of Micro Focus COBOL? I doubt I can find one that old. Any tip
>>would be appreciated. TIA, Paul
> Paul,
> You should be able to run your old INT code using Net Express.
> With GNT code you won't be able to run it if it was created using any
> 16-bit product, or the 32-bit Workbench 4.0 product. The reason for that
> is that the product was sigificantly redesigned in order to support
> threading etc after Workbench 4.0 and therefore the Net Express product
> line does not contain support for the old GNT fomat.
> That is probably not what you wanted to hear, but I hope it clarifies the
> situation nonetheless.
> Gael.

Thank you, Gael. That's my problem 16 bit Workbench was used. So unless I
can find my old run-time routines to support this code, I'm stuck. I
probably need more that coblib.dle, huh? Paul