Re: Cobol work?

In article <dl0pdh$f4n$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Mike" <moose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Anyway, it is a shame that you care so little for your customers, and that
> you take an attitude that is not conducive to attracting customers - quite
> the opposite in fact.

Yours is the first complaint I've received, in eleven years of working
for Micro Focus. While it is not, of course, my goal to scare off
customers, my running average in this regard still looks pretty good,
I'm afraid.

> Please do forward my email to your boss though, I'd love to discuss the
> matter with him - and I would be very suprised if he showed me (or my
> employer) such a lack of interest.

I don't appear to have received an email from you. What address did
you send it to?

Michael Wojcik michael.wojcik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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