Re: Pinwheel for a report

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Jeff <jmoore207@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Actually, I am doing this on a screen full of items. I was just going
>to do it at line 24 col 1. I should have been clear. I thought it was a
>report, but it is actually a screen that is full of data and it takesa
>while to retrieve as it reads like 4 files to populate the screen. Your
>right it is like -, \, etc. Thanks for your help!!!

No prob... so in addition to what you have it seems you want to
incorporate something along the lines of:

Evaluate True
When cond-1
Display '-' at 2401
When cond-2
Display '\' at 2401
When cond-3
Display '|' at 2401
When cond-4
Display '/' at 2401

.... or, ideally, something like this built into the logic for your other
screen-displays so that you don't increase the wait-time by burning more