Re: Cobol books & experiences

No, Richard.

The COBOL/2 name was DEFINITELY "tied in" with the initial OS/2 delivery.
It was available (and ran on) DOS - but the "/2" name was something that IBM
(and Microsoft) were pushing for OS/2 products.

The "VisualAge" product line was introduced about a DECADE after OS/2 (and

"Richard" <riplin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> When IBM and Microsoft "split" up (regarding OS/2), Micro Focus provided
>> *both* a "rebadged" COBOL/2 product for IBM *and* the Microsoft COBOL
>> compiler.
> Certainly there was an 'IBM Cobol/2' that was a rebadged Microfocus
> Cobol. I recall that it was MF Cobol/2 1.3 around 1989 for PC-DOS. Note
> that MF Cobol/2 has nothing to do with OS/2 (I have MF manuals marked
> Cobol/2 and it is for DOS). For OS/2 the IBM Cobol was VisualAge and
> not MF.
>> There was an IBM/Microsoft COBOL compiler *before* COBOL/2 that was not
>> a
>> Micro Focus product, but that was before I became involved with Micro
>> Focus
>> (in the late 80's) so I can't tell you who actually developed that
>> product.
> Microsoft had written a Cobol for CP/M-80 back in 1980 or so and it
> ported this to MS-DOS in 1982 as version 1. They developed this
> further to version 2. While this was sold for use on IBM PC it was not
> an IBM product.