Re: Could this save COBOL?

Pete Dashwood wrote:

imho, nothing, but nothing can or will save Cobol.
It'll wither on the vine & no-one will particularly miss it during their day job.

It's not being taught in college / university; new recruits will quite reasonably balk at the idea of learning this old language, too.

Yes, there are still 'trillions' of lines of Cobol source out there, but less trillions than there used to be; a trend that's not going to reverse.

If only there were a 'nice' language out there - just one major, straightforward, popular language ... you know, as Cobol used to be!




What do you guys think?

A. COBOL will continue as it always has, being procedural code with source code maintained and central to all development.

B. Companies will stop ALL IT development (including COBOL) and simply use packages, or outsource. The IT department is really just Network management, with network nerds making sure the network stays up so people can share spreadsheets, databases, and email, and rolling out new operating systems when required. No inhouse development.

C. OO COBOL will be used to refactor existing source code into reusable components. Probably as the basis for a SOA.

D. Existing systems written in COBOL will simply be replaced over time. In-house support for COBOL will be dropped.

D. COBOL will have some other role, not described above.