Doc, did you try this jcl with the OPTCD=Q on an IEFBR14 allocate and
leaving it off of the actual write DD?

It niggles me that I can not recall how we did it but we certainly did
not use any of that new-fangled Rexx stuff.

docdwarf@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
All righty... I've been asked about having a job on an IBM mainframe
(z/OS) produce ASCII output.

(To those who think to inquire 'Why don't you produce EBCDIC output and
then have ftp translate it during transfer to the target?' my response is
'I have made this suggestion and someone who signs my timesheet responded
'That will be considered a possibility; right now you should look into
making the ASCII files on the mainframe.''... and yes, all fields are
either text or display numerics w/ sign leading separate.)

I recall - but my memory is, admittedly, porous - something about the DCB
parameter OPTCD=Q being able to accomplish this but it will require more
jiggery-pokery than I can come up with; when I code an IEBGENER or a
DFSORT with DD statements like:


... I get an ABEND (in the case of DFSORT it is IEC141I 013-70, a problem
with the OPEN macro... but the QW text for Return Code 70 (for V=IBM

--begin quoted text:

An OPEN macro instruction was issued for a data set on magnetic tape. A
conflict exists between LABEL parameters on the DD statement, and the
DCBRECFM, DCBOPTCD, DCBBUFOF, and DCBUSASI fields, which give the
appearance of mixed ASCII and EBCDIC attributes for the data set; or TRTCH
was specified for a 9-track tape.

Some examples of conflicts are that for AL tapes the BLKSIZE must be less
than 2048, RECFM=V,U and VB cannot be used. For details about AL tape
restrictions see z/OS DFSMS: Using Magnetic Tapes . Note that most
utilities (except for IEHINITT) do not support ASCII.

--end quoted text

(changing UNIT=TAPE,RETPD=0 to UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(TRK,(6000,500),RLSE) does
not change the error but the salient text for 70 then appears to be 'An
OPEN macro instruction was issued for a data set not on magnetic tape.
Either OPTCD=Q was specified, or OPEN was issued for an ISAM data set
using QSAM.')

It appears obvious that under the conditions of my experiment DFSORT is
falling into the category of 'most utilities'. Might someone be so kind
as to point me towards a resource from which I may be able to glean a

Thanks much.

(Oh... and among a bunch of Other Stuff a Google search for '"EBCDIC ASCII
translation" jcl' (no ', " included) returns ; this informs,
among other things, that 'answering a question with a question is no
answer at all'... it's on the Web, it's gotta be right, right?)