Re: The Lambda lambada...Why embedded SQL is becoming irrelevant and why you should start looking at functional programming.

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On 14 Mar, 01:59, "Pete Dashwood" <dashw...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Many people working in COBOL on both mainframe and Client/Server systems
deal with queries against relational data every day.

Over the years we have become adept with it and can usually get it to do
whatever we want. Most of us are satisfied we have this particular base

But, there are severe limitations in the "imperative programming"
as implemented by COBOL and other languages where we embed SQL.

If you are interested in where SQL is going, WHY the current approaches
not be suitable for emerging architecture, and getting some
conceptual information from the horse's mouth, you may find this video
interview of interest..

I'd be interested to hear what people here think.


OK Pete, two things:

1. what was in the bottle? Cabernet 2006 homebrew?

Funny you should say that, I wondered exactly the same :-) I noticed Charlie
reached for it at the end of the interview, but you were probably asleep by
then :-)

I'll do some image processing and see if I can resolve this... :-)

2. I now have a crease on my forehead due to falling asleep at the

Awww... that crease was there long before you fell asleep :-)

If you don't use SQL a lot then there is no reason why you would follow what
they were saying. There is some jargon (but no more than you normally
encounter in IT).

There are some very exciting ideas in the interview (that's why I posted a
reference here), but they are not exciting unless they relate to what you
are actually doing. If your world is Indexed Sequential datasets, XML is a
mystery to you, the idea of sharing processors across a network is not what
you need in your daily work, or you believe the real "Evil Empire" is
MicroSoft, then this interview won't have much of interest to you.

On the other hand, if you want to get some insight into what goes on in the
head of one of the brightest minds in IT, expressed informally in simple
English, then it's worth a shot.


Maybe... :-)

Or maybe you are comfortable where you are and have no desire to move out of
that zone?

Thanks for commenting, Alistair. I'll get back about the booze... :-)