Re: Is there a mainframe skills shortage?

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Seeing the reparte (sp) between Pete and Alistair I thought I'd take a
gander at the requirements for a BS in CS at the local university in my home
town. It should be noted that they started offering this degree almost 30
years ago (I attempted to get it - looonnggg story involving university
politics) and most of the courses at that time were accounting - but the
first course was still the same. Looking at only the CMPT courses and using
their numbers I see:

(Note - these are semesters)

1020 - Infomation Computer Technology - 4 hrs - Concepts and techniques on
business applications of computers. Hands on experience in business
applications. Programming concepts using COBOL (!) programming language.
(Flavor not given).

1100 - Computer Information Applications - 3 hrs - Concepts and techniques
on the application of computers to the solution of buisiness computer
information systems. Students will have hands-on experience to word
processing, spreadsheet and database on microcomputers.

1120 - Application Programming - 4 hrs - A currently popular programming
language (such as JACA) will be used to create stand-alone applications and
World Wide Web pages.

1420 - Database Management Systems Applications - 2 hrs - An analysis of the
use of a DBMS in solving business problems with an emphasis on the entering,
updating, manipulating, storing and tetrieving of information.

2110 - Advanced Concepts in Programming - 4 hrs - The couse covers advanced
programming techniques and the concepts of object-oriented programming using
a currently popular programming language (such as C++)

2210 - Data Management with SQL - 3 hrs - Hands-on course utilizing a
multi-user database management system. SQL will be used as a data
manipulation and a data definition language (prereq - 1020 or 1100)

CNET courses - Conputer Network Technology

2150 - Hardware Architecture - 3 hrs - Knowledge of computer hardware for
the purpose of aquisition, installation and maintenance at the equipment

2200 - Network Technologies - 4 hrs - Examines the network technoogies
utilized in today's networks. Emphasis is placed on understanding hardware
and software concepts and protocols refereed to in technical publications
and advanced network studies.

8 hrs of technologies electives are also required - courses to choose from
can be...

Scripting Languages - Evaluate, lean and adopts new (4 hrs)
PC Operating Systems Inernet and the WWW (3 hrs)
Intro to Web Page Development (1 hr)
Electronic Spreadsheet Applications (2 hrs)
Microsoft Word (2 hrs)
Electronic Presentations (2 hrs) - Power Point
Microsoft Outlook (2 hrs)
Web Animation (2 hrs)
Digital Imaging (2 hrs)
Digital Illustration (3 hrs)
Digital Image Design and Editing (3 hrs)
Digital Video (3 hrs)
Internet Publishing and Design (3 hrs)
RPG Programming (4 hrs)
C Family Programming (4 hrs)
Information Systems Design and Implementation (4 hrs)
Computer End-user Support (3 hrs)
XML Concepts and Programming (3 hrs)
Desktop Publishing (3 hrs)
Advanced verstions of above
Web Site Maintenance (3 hrs)
MOUS Certification Concepts (2 hrs) - prereq - all the MS stuff above

Have fun with it :)

35 hours ? Am I missing something? Is this per week/term/year?