Re: Conversion of data & associated logic from ISAM to RDB

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We are then faced with the dilemma of whether we should convert or scrap
what we have and go back to square one, or continue with what we (now...)
know is a sub-optimum solution. Usually a balance is struck between these
two extremes... in this case it is a conversion from ISAM to RDB; probably
the best that can done under the circumstances.

< >
"A partner will present a session that shows how a relational
database can be used with a COBOL application using
standard COBOL I/O statements, WITHOUT any changes
to the code!"

Perhaps the best is no conversion, at all! Just upgrade to the
latest technology.

Mr Smith, come now... an organisation where the analyst recommends
timestamping records... errrr, rows in a database and the manager has to
turn to the UseNet for help will not, in my experience, embrace a solution
which requires Spending Money to upgrade technology or sending someone of
sufficient technical competence to benefit from the experience - as
opposed to, say, a Corner-Office Idiot - to the Royal Pacific Resort in
Orlando, FL, USA for three days.

(oh... and a rather common mis-spelling in the paragraph you quoted might
be seen, by some, as casting aspersions on the relibility of the claims)