Re: Migrating ISAM to Relational Database

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This has now been posted... Accessing the following link will reveal 3
documents that are worth reading if you are considering migrating ISAM to

Any or all feedback appreciated.

In 4.ISAM2RDB.doc,

1. Page 3, Dealing with OCCURS (Repeating Groups),
items 1 and 3. You seem to disregard the space savings
that ODO and RECORD VARYING provide.

2. Page 4, ultimate paragraph. You write "COBOL
supports 3 levels of indexing". That was true of COBOL
'74. COBOL '85 allowed 7 levels.

3. Page 8, Currency data type (in table). You write "This
data TYPE is held as 64 bit floating point ...). MS Access
help states, "Currency variables are stored as 64-bit (8-byte)
numbers in an integer format, scaled by 10,000 to give a
fixed-point number with 15 digits to the left of the decimal
point and 4 digits to the right."


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