French COBOL (was: [OT] Logic vs. Conversation (Was: Cobol Myth Busters)

There may have been others, but I know that IBM Paris developed and marketed a
"preprocessor" for OS/VS COBOL that took French Keywords (with possibly MINIMAL
rearranging) and converted it to "normal" OS/VS COBOL. The reason that I know of
this product, is that it was eventually changed to become IBM's "CICS and COBOL
Conversion Aid" (CCCA) which helped migrate OS/VS COBOL to VS COBOL II (and
later). The woman from IBM Paris who developed it came to GUIDE (IBM user
group) during the early days of VS COBOL II migrations.

The product COULD be used as such today. It provides an interface that would
allow users (sites) to do their own translations from anything to "standard
COBOL". If you work with IBM mainframe COBOLs, I can provide more information
to you.

Bill Klein
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"Vincent Danion" <vdapasdespamnion@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Pete Dashwood a écrit :

Hi everybody !

I don't know whether the French COBOL compiler is in much use in France or
Canada; maybe someone here can tell us.

What do you mean by "French COBOL" ? Is it a COBOL with keywords
translated in french language ("CALCULE" rather than "COMPUTE") ? As a
french computer scientist, I've never heard about that.

To answer to Charles' question: in french, we say "le" COBOL, and I
suppose "le" (male) for every programming language: "le" Java, "le" C# etc.


Vincent DANION