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Judson McClendon <judmc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It isn't that the liberals necessarily choose bad goals, it is that they
are blind to the widespread and sometimes disasterous repurcussions of
implementing their "solutions", and do not accept the limitations of
their current knowledge and understanding. They get an idea in their
heads, and become blind to everything else.

Do stop generalizing, Judson. Neither "liberals" nor "conservatives" have
any monopoly on stupidity or even misplaced enthusiasm.

Monopoly, no. Predilection, yes. :-)

Can we spell "G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G?" May God protect us from such
"benefactors". Yes, I know, I'm about to be bombarded with tons of
"pseudo evidence" (long chains of "reasoning" based on partial science,
the sum of which can't be directly experimentally verified, and which
everyone will know is wrong in 10 or 20 years) to prove Global Warming
is "real" and definitely caused by humans.

Can we spell "glaciers melting all over the world, the Arctic ice cap
melting so quickly that it may be gone in 20 years, the Antartic ice fields
floating away to sea"? Can we come up with a reason other than global

The face that such things have been going on without our help for a long
time suggests we aren't needed for it to happen, and probably are not
responsible, and couldn't do anything to help or hurt, even if it's happening
now, which is anything but certain. A really, really dumb time to be passing
draconian laws to control human activity and spend vast sums of money. :-)

Oh yeah Judson. Pull that bag over your face and ignore the evidence.
You must be related to Seantor Inhofe.

(o o)

"From there to here, from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.
If you never did, you should.
These things are fun and fun is good."
--- Dr. Seuss

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