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Explain why the murder rate in non-penalty states is 40% lower than
the rate in death penalty states -- 4.22 versus 5.9 per 100K

You may have it backwards; because the murder rate is so high, those states
are doing everything they can to discourage killing, including

This is called circular logic. The conclusion is supposed to follow from the premise, not
the other way around.

I say smoking prevents lung cancer. When you ask me to explain why smokers get more of it,
I answer look how much more cancer there would be if they didn't smoke. That proves I was

Fallacious logic; you are leaving out intent and Occam's Razor. People
pass laws to address problems. Laws were passed to disenfranchise
felons for the same reason felons are incarcerated: to reduce crime. It
is not logical to assume the laws were simply passed, then people became
more felonious, because you then have to come up with a reason for them
becoming more felonious. I.e. violation of Occam's Razor.
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