Re: OT:Thanksgiving

On Tue, 04 Dec 2007 17:57:19 GMT, spambait@xxxxxxxxxx (Doug Miller)

Besides drugs, another illustration of the point is homosexual contact, in
private, between consenting adults. As a heterosexual, politically
conservative, practicing Roman Catholic, I find such behavior abhorrent. But
as a firm believer in limited government, I also find abhorrent any effort to
make it a criminal act: it produces no demonstrable harm to anyone except
(perhaps) the individuals directly involved; moreover, law enforcement cannot
procure evidence of the "crime" without committing a clear violation of their
privacy rights. Criminalizing *any* sexual behavior carried out in private
between any number of consenting adults is both crazy and wrong, for the same
reason that criminalizing the simple possession or private consumption of
drugs is also both crazy and wrong: the people involved are harming no one
except themselves. Since we as society are neither harmed nor endangered by
that behavior, we need no "protection" from it, and cannot justify any
sanctions taken against those who engage in it.

Also if you follow Roman Catholic values, you might find that people
who are just as interested in anti-homosexual laws as they are for
anti-abortion laws are weakening their arguments against abortion.