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And, apparently, most people will continue to believe that cancer
is the product of [some] chemicals rather than of the factor that
causes the cancer to develop. <g>

What? Isn't a chemical also 'some factor'? It is known that some
chemicals (Toluene and Xylene as exaples) can cause cancer without the
addition of 'some factor'.

Are you sure that the test conditions are not "the factor"
that applies to those chemicals? Could it not be then that
other factors apply to other chemicals?

Consider that chromates, long considered carcinogenic
to humans, have not yet been shown to cause cancer in
laboratory animals, last time I looked. What factor must
be added for a successful laboratory test?

Don't know what research you're looking at but at least Potassium and
Sodium Chromate have been found to cause cancer. Here's a study on
Potassium Chromate:

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