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I interpreted your post as casting doubt upon global warming
happening at all.

And while it certainly can happen without our help, you're just being
stubborn if you contend that - two centuries of spilling heat, carbon
dioxide, pollutants of all sorts, chemicals such as nitrogen and
phosphorus which cause natural growths to run away, into the
environment - have had nothing to do with it.

Yes, but natural growths soak up the CO2, giving off Oxygen. It averages

Natural growths, as you put it, lead to eutrophication and algal
blooms. Neither is any good for the environment.

Seems to me - feel free to correct me - that while photosynthesis does use
CO2, plants do in fact use oxygen part from that. The obvious experiment
would be to try to raise plants in a pure CO2 atmosphere.- Hide quoted text -

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Plants do produce more oxygen than they consume (and they produce
methane as well) but eutrophication chokes rivers; algal blooms are
frequently toxic (all algae produce chemicals which leech into the