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Well, I have a 1932 Collier's National Encyclopedia. I couldn't find an
entry specifically for global temperature changes, but the article on
Climate does say: "Whether these changes (i.e., fluctuations during the
course of centuries) are progressive and may in time alter certain climates
radically is as yet impossible to say, although there are some indications
that such is the case, as for example the drying up of the northern part of
the Kalahari in South Africa":.

Please be a bit more specific. I'll gladly look up any entry you can give
assuming I can find the text.


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In any event, it's irrelevant to the question of whether the very
degrees C since 1880) warming is a natural process, or the result of
activity. The planet has, in the past, been much warmer than it is now.

What's the source of this assertion?

Consult any encyclopedia or geology text.

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