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Code indenting is functional, not esthetics.

(My $0.02)

In this case even more conventional code indenting would not IMO be a
sufficient excuse for using fifteen IF... ELSE constructs in lieu of one
EVALUATE..END-EVALUATE; which, by the way would also neatly handle what I
THINK was the intent of the invalid "IF PROVTYPE = '09''10''11' " clause.

But I digress. My original comment...

"Syntax Error: "automated" , "code", "convert" and "maintainable" may
never appear in the same sentence."

... was intended as a little humor, nothing more.

I got it Michael, and I agree...

The thing that strikes me about this is WHY you would want to convert
Easytrieve into a dying language that must then be compiled before you can
run it, and recompiled every time you maintain it, leaving aside whether the
generated code is "elegant" or not.

I can think of a few reasons.

1. Eliminate the annual cost of maintenance of the product which
increases with CPU capacity (especially if you are at a sited that
doesn't like CA - Computer Associates).

2. Performance if this is on a time critical path (not likely but
there because it may take 3 times the amount of CPU for the task but
normally that still is relatively small).

3.The program has outstripped Easytrieve capabilities. Also I have
seen Easytrieve used in ways that are awkward and obscure because
people didn't read the manual.

If you wanted to use COBOL you would have used it in the first place and not
chosen Easytrieve.

COBOL programmers who have been exposed to Easytrieve pick it up fairly
quickly; it isn't rocket science.

I see this as a pointless exercise...