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Of course search is available in every text editor. Grep however will
search all files specified (for example where the search is for a file
field usage) without having to bother with using an editor to open
each file. Of course the result of a grep can be piped into the
editor so that the files can be accessed directly by tapping on the
provided file names.

Regrettably, GREP is not available to non-Unix systems. Some of us
don't have the luxury of using the new-fangled tools to which you have

grep certainly is available wherever there is a C compiler. Just
download some source code. It is even available prebuilt for CP/M, MS-
DOS, Windows, Mac, Atari. and dozens of others.

I don't understand IBM OS but would have thought that OS/390 Unix
System Services may be like some services that would run on OS/390.

But regardless of how the search is done the use of 88s may mean that
multiple greps/searches are required.

What, can't you combine GREP searches? Shame thet EGREP and FGREP
don't work either. That's so 1980s.

Well, of course you can combine them ,that is why I had put "multiple
greps/searches" where it could be done with multiple greps or multiple
searches [in one grep].