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Further questions please..
Do the MS and Fujitsu compilers support VSAM KSDS files? What about

What do you mean by 'support' ? You are unlikely to find a VSAM KSDS
file on Windows. Windows is not MVS or zOS. It does, however, have

DB2 access, CICS access, guess I'm asking EXEC CICS suchandsuch

Winows does not normally run a CICS service. CICS is not part of
Cobol, though normally Cobol programs are used in a CICS service.

EXEC SQL suchandsuch.

SQL service is also not part of Cobol. Most SQL is achieved with a
different product, such as a preprocessor, that converts the EXEC SQL
lines into Cobol CALLs and such.

Fujitsu version 3 does not include (AFAIK) SQL. Later versions of
Fujitsu do support ODBC access through a limited set of EXEC SQL
statements. You can always write the appropriate CALL statements.

If you had bought the Fujitsu v3 compiler then there would have been
ODBC compatibility (similar to DB2 and using SQL).

I have now checked and the Fujitsu version 3 available for download
does not include ODBC or SQL. The syntax may be in the compiler but
the libraries required are not included (see webpage).

I did actually buy version 3 (very cheaply) after having several free
betas and I even bought a set of printed manuals. The copy I had
included Windows 3.1 compilers and stuff.

The SQL in Fujitsu is not for arbitrary SQL but is a subset that is
directly supported by the compiler. For example you cannot do a 'EXEC

Fujitsu and Microfocus do support ODBC and SQL. Microfocus also has
CICS and JCL emulators available (at a price). DB2 can be obtained for
free from IBM and runs on the pc under windows.

To save opening up another thread, VSAM can be emulated on the pc
(albeit with z/390 Assembler by Don Higgins).