Re: Yes Virginia, there are COBOL jobs.

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Not sure if anyone is interested but here is an announcement
number for a COBOL job

When posting to comp.lang.cobol please include a rate, or range
of rates, for the position(s) offered; to do otherwise leads
many to conclude that you are either trolling for resumes or
running a blind ad to determine rates.

DD, this was not appropriate - he was not soliciting.

To treat someone who posts an announcement of a job like someone
who posts an announcement of a job is inapproptiate? Odd sense of
'propriety', some might say.

There is a major difference between those that are soliciting and
those giving a heads up.

There is no difference at all between saying 'I have heard of a job
available' and 'I have heard of a job available' of which I am aware.

Why demand that someone who can post a heads-up, here is a job, to
do research on the job?

I make no demands; I issue a polite request, 'please' and all, and
give Sound Reasons for why compliance might be a good thing... just
as I try to do for *anyone* who indulges in similar activity. That's
rather egalitarian, wouldn't you say?

It is if you treat all posters with equal contempt :-)

I'm not sure how you're defining 'egalitarian', Mr Dashwood; in this case
I was using ,
'assertingm promoting or marked by egalitarianism' (remarkably helpful,
isn't it?) and ,
'a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political,
and economic matters.'

No despising, no disdain... a simple 'post about a job, get the same
response as everyone else who posts about a job.'

Seriously, on this occasion I think the OP was clear that he wasn't a
headhunter or pimp.

It's *always* the quiet, hidden ones what ain't really what they seems or
pretends to be, ain't it?

Nevertheless Doc, I understand your wanting to show no favour and, speaking
only for myself, I would have been disappointed if you HADN'T posted your
usual boilerplate. :-)

I was moderately amused to see the back-and-forth that happened when One
Of Us treated Another Of Us as though he were One Of Them... I think
*that*, with a bit of introspection, might be the cause of so much heat
and so little light.

Meanwhile, the heat and humidity broke for a lovely three-day weekend here
and I celebrated this evening by sitting outdoors with a plate of
salt-and-pepper squid from the local Cheap Chinese Food Emporium,
balancing the capscaisin of the slices of Anaheim pepper with dollops of a
thick, sweet, mango-ginger sauce. What a wonderful world it is, that has
such things to eat in it!