Re: Not (intended to be) a "Commercial"

Howard Brazee wrote:
On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 12:54:23 +1200, "Pete Dashwood"
<dashwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Not at all. I've driven stick shift all my life and don't like
having to use automatic when in the USA.

I infer that it's hard to find stick shift cars at U.S. rental
agencies. Are stick shift cars the standard at rental agencies

Certainly in NZ, Australia, and most of Europe. If you want automatic you
pay more. The only time I hired a stick shift in the USA was an Alfa Romeo
spider convertible from an agency in Hollywood. Took it to Mexico and back
without realizing I was violating the rental agreement by crossing a State
border, never mind a National one... :-) (I actually paid some kids to keep
an eye on it while I was in Tijuana shopping with a girl friend. Sure
enough, it was 100% intact when we returned a few hours later. She said it
was because I spoke Spanish and the kids trusted me... I dunno :-)

Many years later, an Angelino friend and I decided to drive to Las Vegas in
a new Mustang convertible. To my horror, it was automatic, but we still had
a good trip. :-)

Or just more common?

I had the excuse to buy a sporty car when my eldest was 15 - because I
wanted her to learn to use a stick. My wife finds sticks to be too
much work. She missed out on the fun.

For a control freak (like most computer programmers :-)) there is nothing
like a stick shift... :-)


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