Re: My Delphi/ADO app needs to mimic VB/Access

>I am migrating a VB/Access app to a Delphi/ADO one.
>The main problem I found is editing lookup fields by typing in directly on dbgrid. Sorting the table by lookup fields is impossible too. I can't understand the real purpose of lookup fields in Delphi/ADO. They are "solid rocks". They are untouchable.
>In VB/Access lookup fields are so easy to edit. If user types in something that is not in lookup table he/she gets an warning message. Sorting by them is very easy too.
>Is there any way to do that in Delphi/ADO exactly as in VB/Access?
>Any example code or tutorial I can read and learn about?
>Or any 3d. party component that does those things?

Find a 3rd party grid that allows you to imbed a TdbLookupcombo control or other
similar control. I use the Infopower Grid
If you want to sort by a field you need to include that field in your recordset
by including it in your Join.

Brian Bushay (TeamB)