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I know that one. Unfortunately it returns the description and not the


"Brian Bushay TeamB" <BBushay@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

MS Access offers the possibility to specify a caption for each field in
field definition. I'm writing a Delphi program that accesses an MS Access
database through ADO. I'd like to assing the captions as definied in the
database to the DisplayLabel property of the TField components in Delphi.
there a way to do it? I Already tried Fields.Properties (from ADO) and
OpenSchema, but that doesn't give me the information. Any clues?
If you import the ADOX type library you can get at the description with
like this

Column: _Column;
fCatalog : Catalog;

fCatalog := CoCatalog.Create;
Column := fCatalog.Tables['tablename'].Columns['columnname'];
strColProp := Column.Properties['Description'].Value;

Brian Bushay (TeamB)


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