Re: An unknown error has occured...

Do you have lookup fields defined? If you do you will get an error like this
when you run out of the IDE with debug set to stop on errors.
There is a Try/Fail block in the Adodb code for lookups that generates this
error. If you set the LookupCache property to true you won't get the error

Ahhhh thanks. The LookupCache thing removed the errors. Question is, does it
have any drawbacks using a lookup cache? Usually there is a "cost" associated
with things like using a cache, how does the system know when to refresh the
cache for instance?

If the lookup data is static and the table isn't large you are better off using
lookupCache = true. You probably should not be using a lookup at all of the
lookup dataset is large.
The lookupcahe is loaded when the dataset is opened and can be refreshed with a
call to RefreshLookupList
Brian Bushay (TeamB)