Next Recordset question

I have a stored procedure in MSSQL2000 which returns 2 datasets when I run it from query analyser.
I use Delphi 7 Enterprise and want to display these 2 recordsets in 2 grids. I can get and display the first recordset with no problem.
I found the following code from Internet:

intRecordsAffected : Integer;
ADOStoredProc1.ProcedureName := StoredprocName;

ADODataSet1.Recordset := ADOStoredProc1.RecordSet;
ADODataSet2.Recordset := ADOStoredProc1.NextRecordset(intRecordsAffected);

In my project when I try to use the NextRecordset I get the error: ADODataSet2: Recordset is not open.
Any ideas?
What values the intRecordsAffected must have?

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