Re: Delphi 5 <> ADO

Paul Meyer wrote:

Hello NG,

i use ADO 2.8 in my Delphi 5 application to connect to SQL-Server
2000. All works fine, but now i've to support Oracle 9i. The
ADO-Connection (.UDL) works, but if i try to connect, my Delphi want
"TAutoInc" field, but Oracle give me only float. Delphi want Boolean,
but i Oracle give me a float. Every field Oracle gives, is a float.
Is this an error into ADO, Oracle or Delphi? Is there short way to
solve this problem or do i need to swith to other components <> ADO?

Best regards

IIRC there was an ADO update for D5 because of some bugs I can't
remember. If you haven't installed it check the Registered Downloads

OTOH, have you checked if you have the latest Oracle OLE DB provider?
Note I don't mean MDAC/ADO here but your data provider.

Best regards :)

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