Re: MS Access temp table

I need to create a temp table to store some calculating data during the
application running.
This temp table need to be created in heap memory for fast access, not in
the MS Access database itself.

"Paul Scott" <paul.scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Mon, 05 Mar 2007 01:57:34 -0000, Alan T <alanpltseNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Anyone knows if MS Access supports temporary table?

"Yes" - I do know :)

"No" - Access doesn't support automatic temporary tables: "#Table" or
"##Table" :(

"Maybe" - If a table is deleted before a program exits, then surely it was
"temporary" :)

And if you handle the temp tables yourself, you will find it /so/ much
easier when you're investigating exactly what data your application is
storing when it doesn't quite work "as planned".

BTW If you are creating your own "temporary" tables, be careful to prefix
the table name with more than just "_Temp_" - If multiple workstations /
applications / threads all create the same "temp" table, chaos can ensue

Paul Scott
Information Management Systems
Macclesfield, UK.