Re: AutoInc Problems and conversion from string to different storage formats

I have the following problem:
I want to store referenceauthors. Unfortunately the autoinc number is coding the order of the authors in the publication.
If I want to store the data in ACCESS I get error messages if ever I try to store a number in the autoinc field. When I introduce a "try except" command in the number storage, I prevent this problem so that numbers are converted but nothing stored if it is AUTOINC. But the question is:

As I cannot store any info for AutoINC, can I be sure that the authors are stored exactly in the order of the entries?
if not, how keep information ?

Perhaps you have better ideas, but (after many trials) I use the following procedure to prevent any storage problem in the conversion of (string) data from entry mask to ACCESS file data:
(There are several columns j3; only parts of the form (Min to max (rownumber) are stored in one table)

No SQL database that I know of stores records in any order.
Always use an Order by clause when you retrieve records so that you get the
order you want
Brian Bushay (TeamB)