Re: Integrating Help Files

From: Wolfgang Zager (
Date: 12/10/03

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 12:05:14 +0100

Hi jpm,

first of all is the question, if the help-files offer needed support for
A-keywords. If they do it may help to delete the added help files in
Your Open Help file, save it, removing all gid-files in Your
Delphi-Help-Directory and then add the 3rd-party help files again.
Sometimes this procedure helped us coming around this problem.


jpm schrieb:
> Does anybody else have problems integrating 3rd party help files in Delphi?
> We are using Delphi 7 and a variety of 3rd party components, all of which
> come with good help (.toc,.hlp) files that should integrate with Delphi
> using
> it's Open Help system.
> Our process:
> Help->Customize
> -added the .toc files to the contents tab
> -added the .hlp files to the index tab
> We can see all of the topics when we select Help->Delphi Help, but we can
> never get to these topics in the added help files using F1 key when we are
> in the code editor or looking at a selected component on a form - very
> frustrating.
> Does open help not integrate with the F1/context help? Is there any way to
> get it working? What am I missing? If somebody could please point me to
> solution (or verify that the context help doesn't work) I would really
> appreciate
> it. Thanks in advance.
> Jay Pepper-Martens
> QATech