Fastcode MM: category weights

Hi All,

I think we should adjust the weights of the individual categories. Here is
my suggestion (with reasons):

{PLR 6/5/2005 changed weights: Multi-threaded weights were IMO
disproportionately high vs. single threaded. Having multithreaded
carry more than 50% more weight than single-threaded benchmarks is not
realistic?! Should it be exactly balanced?}
WeightPerCategory: array[TBenchmarkCategory] of Double = (
{If your application reallocs a lot in speed-critical code then it is
written (hence the low weight)}
0.08, //bmSingleThreadRealloc
0.12, //bmMultiThreadRealloc
{Alloc and free is the typical behaviour of most apps}
0.10, //bmSingleThreadAllocAndFree
0.15, //bmMultiThreadAllocAndFree
{Replays count the most (this is the closest to real-world behaviour
got at the moment, although memory is not actually "used")}
0.20, //bmSingleThreadReplay
0.30, //bmMultiThreadReplay
{Some anomalies with some of the current speed tests precludes using a
bigger weight.}
0.05 //bmMemoryAccessSpeed