I need diff against RUNNING code paths..

I repost here in hope somebody know (fist attemp at non-tech)

In short, I have a bug and some weeks ago I see where live, but for switch my work to other task (and have the trouble to work in VB.NET/C#/FoxPro at the same time) I lost from my memory the problem. Now, I try to find it debugging line by line, but is time consuming (and I try that 2-3 times before but fail to see the problem again...)

For more fun, is a port from C# to Delphi...and that version work. Mainly this happend:

C# Call stack

Start Here
  Go there
Back here

Delphi Call stack

Start here
  Go there
    And there
Back here

I need to know how diff against this codepaths. I try dumping the call stack with a breakpoint but is SO little information. I try with AQTime 4 but I don't can have sense of the data, and the call tree not can be dumnpled to a file, so not can process it...

I want a way to be notified in each jump in code, log to a file, repeat it under the c# personality and diff on them...(and if can dump the local vars too...)

Thanks for your time.