Re: Why is Delphi 2005 so slow at dragging forms?

From: Maxwell Smart (
Date: 01/11/05

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 02:50:03 -0500

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:21:29 +0800, "Edwin Lau"
<> wrote:

>I did however installed D2005 Service Pack 1 and disabled Together. Beyond
>that, everything is as it should been apart from the other components that
>is installed.

My setup is the same.
I have SP1 installed for D2005, and Together is disabled (along with
the dot net garbage).

But as I said in a previous post, it makes no difference because this
particular issue is the same even when I did a normal install using
all default options.

One thing that was definitely "fixed" by removing the dot net crap is
the switching process to the code editor. What I mean by this is the
time it takes for D2005 to take me from the form designer to the code
editor when I double-click a component on the form.

For example, let's say you have an empty form. Take a regular button
and drop it down...and then double click on the button so that you get
taken to the code editor to fill in the "OnClick" event.

With dot net installed, this process took literally 5 seconds.
With dot net removed, it throws me into the code editor in about one

That one second transition is still much slower than D6 was, which was
basically instant. The moment you double-clicked on something in a D6
form, it would instantly take you to the code editor with no delay

I'm wondering whether or not the new "folding" feature in the code
editor is to blame for this long transition time. Does anyone know if
there's a way to turn this off? It's yet another completely useless
feature that I can easily do without.

I looked through every option I could find, but there doesn't seem to
be any way of disabling it. Hopefully there's a registry tweak that
someone knows of to get rid of it.

Another thing that irks me about D2005 is the fact that the Projects
directory has been hard-coded. What on earth were the guys at Borland
thinking when they did this? Why would they make every other folder
conpletely configurable, but the Projects folder they decided to
hard-code? All I can do is shake my head in disbelief..
But at least there's a registry tweak which fixes it.