Re: PostgreSQL vs Firebird

From: Martijn Tonies (
Date: 03/18/05

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 21:04:38 +0100

> > As most people use TCP/IP to connect to Firebird, and Firebird
> > has a sort of "ping" when it comes to connections, I guess as soon
> > as the socket is being closed, the "ping" would fail and Firebird
> > would mark the connection as "closed". Now, this ping thingy is
> > configurable so that might make a difference as well.
> >
> Suppose the workstation is still alive, but the app crashed. Wouldn't
> the ping still be successful, even though the db connection is beyond
> recovery?

No, it wouldn't - the "check alive" command tries the command
at the port it was using for the connection. As the port has been
closed, it will be "disconnected".

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