Re: Highlander release date

Am I reading this thread right? TeamB members are jumping ship?

This is the first time since I've been reading these NGs, back even when
they were on CIS, that I can ever remember a TeamB member publicly not
towing the party line. It's sad, but refreshing. To bad it didn't happen
years ago.

I also feel screwed. I bought D2006 (which I've not even opened yet) as part
of the BorCon promotion with the update plan. I've _never_ until this
purchase every "gambled" with company money. I've always bought based on
value. The gamble is, "buy our project now for X++ with upgrade and IF we
come up with an update, then you'll get the update free. Otherewise, you've
spent more than you had to ...... sucker!!

At least when one buys an MSDN subscription, there is actual value in the

By the way, I see on the Borland web site that they offer

Enterprise Support and Maintenance <<<

for $750 but no where can I find what that is offering the purchaser at
this point.

"I.P. Nichols" <nospam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"Joanna Carter [TeamB]" wrote

The problem with getting on the .NET bandwagon is, at the moment, there
really is no way back into Delphi until they can catch up. Of course, the
longer you have to stay with C#, the less likely we are move back to

The "catch up" problem will be even further exacerbated by the RTM of
WinFX, which may well occur before the RTM of Highlander estimated by Dave
as Q1 2006..

Because we are developing a vertical market app where UI design is
important, we have to be able to support new Vista UI features as and
they arrive, some of which will only work from .NET.

WinFX runtime on Win-XP machines should allow you to use the new Vista UI
features without waiting for the Vista OS to become popular.

If you haven't seen this article, you may find it interesting.

I'm currently "kicking the tires" on the March CTP version of EID
(Expression Interactive Designer pronounced "Sparkle") and so far my
impression is that it's living up to it's hype and is stable. More on that

HTH - Eip