Re: Highlander release date

"Karl" <kthompson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit dans le message de news:

| Am I reading this thread right? TeamB members are jumping ship?

We are not jumping ship. I for one am waiting patiently for Borland to
provide the tools to cater for the next generation of Windows that I am
being asked to design systems for.

In the meantime, I have bills to pay and food to buy :-(

| This is the first time since I've been reading these NGs, back even when
| they were on CIS, that I can ever remember a TeamB member publicly not
| towing the party line. It's sad, but refreshing. To bad it didn't happen
| years ago.

I am not criticising Borland, simply stating that my current work forces me
to use another IDE/language.


Joanna Carter [TeamB]
Consultant Software Engineer