Re: Delphi Product Manager questioned

Nick Hodges (Borland/DevCo) wrote:
Brian Moelk wrote:

So, DevCo has to incorporate this fact in a realistic long-term

I think everyone in DevCo knows this and agrees with it. How could we

I appreciate the acknowledgment Nick. I hope to see a more detailed
long-term strategy in the future. Heck, screw the strategy, just find a
way to make Highlander competitive.

I know that my doubt may sound far fetched, but now that you're on the
inside, just remember what it's like being on the outside. ;) I liken
our recent Borland years to living in the basement for quite a while, so
you can understand when we wonder if the sun actually shines. The so bright...hurts my eyes!

Brian Moelk
Brain Endeavor LLC