Re: Has Borland/DevCo used this?

Blackbird Crow Raven wrote:

The following quote, from:
may be good marketing material.
'How do I use Delphi for OPC development?'
This is one of the questions that we are most frequently asked. It
turns out that Delphi is an ideal language and environment for OPC
development, and particularly for client programming.

That's what we use Delphi for. There's a fair amount of software out
there that can be used with Delphi (and Delphi/.Net) for industrial
process control. A good place to look is:

Do a search on "Delphi" and you'll see a respectable list compatible
software for MMI (man-machine interface), PC to PLC communications,
etc.. Industrial process control is a large market with a lot of
custom software development
(BTW, PLC = Programmable Logic Controllers; widely used in industry
for real world electrical connections)..