Re: Thinking Clearly

"lurkio" wrote:
Barry Kelly wrote:

Have you checked out WPF lately? If you want the resolution-independent,
vector-based, properly composited experience with WPF, you've got no
choice - you must go .NET, because there's no unmanaged API.

There are two other alternatives: (1) stick with existing Win32 and look
old and out of place (remember Win 3.1 vs Win 95, white dialogs vs
grey?), or (2) develop your own compositing engine.

Are you quite sure about all that ? I quote from the following
interview with a couple of Redmond's .NET cognoscenti about
WPF interoperability :

<big snip>

Barry's comment was made in the context of Tom Wilk's rejection of .NET as "
..NET is a "marketing phantom" for Delphi developers!"

The two articles you mention make reference to the interoperability model
build into WPF.

In the case of WinForm <-> WPF there is technology code named "crossbow" for
developing hybrid application and Mike Henderlight offers a clear
description including the difficulty and pitfalls of using HwndSource,
HwndHost, and IKeyboardInputSink which "crossbow" is intended to simplify
and involves several of the new features being added to Visual Studio such
as the "Orcas extensions" and the "Cider" designer.

As for using WPF interoperability with C++/Win32, It would seem that since
MS C++ in Visual Studio now allows mixing managed code with Win32, things
would be much more straight forward than when trying to do the same in

AFAIK DevCo has been silent on the possibility of Delphi supporting this
kind of mixed mode managed/Win32 and the WPF interoperability model. OTOH
all things are possible but it may be wise to not hold your breath in
expectation of it happening. <g>