Re: Thinking Clearly

I.P. Nichols wrote:

Barry's comment was made in the context of Tom Wilk's rejection of .NET as
".NET is a "marketing phantom" for Delphi developers!"

Yeah, but I thought the response was a little bit OTT in
terms of insinuating that you would be stuck in a some GUI
ghetto if you stayed with native code. There are /always/
options and they don't have to be crummy one's either :-)

I'm actually more interested in WPF/e at this juncture myself ;-)

As for using WPF interoperability with C++/Win32, It would seem that since MS C++ in Visual Studio now allows mixing managed code with Win32, things would be much more straightforward than when trying to do the same in Delphi/Win32.

I remember seeing an entry on Nick Kramer's blog about doing this
kind of thing with Delphi :

If it's possible through a bit of hacking then more formal support
for it should not be that much of an issue...even if it isn't
DevCo themselves actually offering it, I have no doubt that the
Delphi community would step into the breach.

AFAIK DevCo has been silent on the possibility of Delphi supporting this kind of mixed mode managed/Win32 and the WPF interoperability model. OTOH all things are possible but it may be wise to not hold your breath in expectation of it happening. <g>

I just hope that the apparent Borland approach of looking to busk
along on the back of what .NET offers is simply /never/ going to fly
and that DevCo is fully aware of it...