Re: Tasty exceptions

Jim Cooper <jcooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Every now and again, Joel writes some real crap, and that's one of those times.
That just demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of structured exception

Fully agree with you, BTW.

Despite his being famous, I don't think he's actually written that much
software. His programming advice should be taken with a largish-size bag of salt.

His first job at MS was as a PM on Excel Basic, AFAIK - a spec-writing
job. Description of MS PM position by Eric Gunnerson:

"On a typical Microsoft team, there are developers who write the code,
QA members who are responsible for the quality of the code, and User
Education members who write the documentation. And then there are
Program Managers, who are focused on the final result and enabling the
team to get there."

Steven Sinofsky on PM position:

"Where developers were focused on code, architecture, performance, and
engineering, the PM would focus on the big picture of "what are we
trying to do" and on the details of the user experience, the feature
set, the way the product will get used."

It actually sounds like fairly good training if you want to set up your
own shrink-wrap shop, which of course Joel went on to do.

-- Barry