Re: Thinking Clearly

Craig Stuntz [TeamB] wrote:

Delphi was never an attractive tool for people who won't touch
anything MS doesn't produce. Those people aren't a potential market
> for Delphi.

I agree about the grouping you mention but the folk that /I/ was
referring to includes (semi-) former Delphi folk who have caught
..NET fever in a big way and seem to want Delphi to follow suit
even whilst they themselves /are not actually using Delphi for .NET/
as it either isn't functionally complete enough for them due to
the feature lag or the fact that they view VCL.NET with distaste as
(to them) it merely encourages the transposition of old Win32 idioms
into the new .NET context. The irony for me is that Delphi support for
..NET (or, indeed, any other third-party vendor support for it) will
/never/ be cutting edge enough for them...MS absolutely hold all the
cards in that context.

> I personally see VCL.NET as having more of a future than WinForms,

That's like saying Britney Spears has more of a future career than
Christina Aguilera - very possibly true but of no real consequence
to those with musical taste (IMHO) :-P

The notion of going with WinForms because you don't want to do "old
school" stuff is nonsensical to me.

Referring to WinForms muddies the waters a bit as I was really
meaning going with "pure" .NET as opposed to VCL.NET but I agree
with the idea of going with a more pragmatic approach as opposed
to a religious one. Unfortunately, VCL.NET doesn't quite offer me
the pragmatic approach I would have liked.