Re: Thinking Clearly

Brian Moelk wrote:

In the .NET world, IMO, Delphi for
.NET and VCL.NET are not better.

Not better than what? WinForms? I think they are.

What I meant was that if you have
two parts of a single product that don't work together, it's not a
good thing. It appears that the product is a disjointed effort.

Screwdrivers and CDROM Drivers dont' have much to do with each other,
but both are useful. Intraweb and DBGrid have nothing to do with each
other, yet both are useful. ECO is useful without VCL.NET support.
It will be even more useful with it. I'm not seeing anything
"braindead" here.

If DevCo didn't have to make ECO support VCL.NET, what else could the
ECO team be working on? Would that enhance ECO as a whole?

I fail to see the point -- the ECO team is working on what they see as
the greatest value to our customers. Do you want them to do something

I'm not talking about your customers, I'm talking about your R&D
resources. Unless you've got more resources than you need or can use

Okay, that's what I'm talking about, too -- Using R&D resources to
provide maximum benefit to our customers.

I just hope that in that adaptation, it will also support all the same
controls/resolutions/capabilities that the VS.NET designers support.

Why? What if it provides a different but superior solution? I don't
feel like we have to chase MS around when we can do things better by
/not/ following them around like a puppy dog.

This isn't a trick question, it's a very straightforward, direct and
honest benchmark of DevCo's .NET strategy.

Why do we have to sell you on VCL.NET? If it's not for you, then don't
use it. It's clearly for /some/ people, however.

Nick Hodges
Delphi/C# Product Manager - Borland/DevCo
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